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Statutes of the ECPRD

The ECPRDs members are: the European Parliament, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and parliamentary chambers where the President is a member of the European Conference of Presidents of Parliament


  • the European Parliament,
  • the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe,
  • the Parliamentary Assemblies of the Member States of the European Union and the Council of Europe:
    • Albania (Assembly),
    • Andorra (Consell General),
    • Armenia (National Assembly),
    • Austria (Nationalrat and Bundesrat),
    • Azerbaijan (National Assembly),
    • Belgium (Chambre des Représentants and Sénat),
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina (House of the People and House of Representatives),
    • Bulgaria (National Assembly),
    • Croatia (Sabor),
    • Cyprus (House of Representatives),
    • Czech Republic (Chamber of Deputies and Senate),
    • Denmark (Folketing),
    • Estonia (Riigikogu),
    • Finland (Eduskunta),
    • France (Assemblée Nationale and Sénat),
    • Georgia (Parliament),
    • Germany (Bundestag and Bundesrat),
    • Greece (Vouli ton Ellinon),
    • Hungary (National Assembly),
    • Iceland (Althingi),
    • Ireland (Dáil and Seanad),
    • Italy (Camera dei Deputati and Senato),
    • Latvia (Saeima),
    • Liechtenstein (Landtag),
    • Lithuania (Seimas),
    • Luxembourg (Chambre des Députés),
    • Malta (House of Representatives),
    • Moldova (Parliament),
    • Monaco (National Council),
    • Montenegro (Skupstina),
    • the Netherlands (First and Second Chambers of the States-General),
    • Norway (Stortinget),
    • Poland (Sejm and Senat),
    • Portugal (Assembleia da República),
    • Romania (Chamber of Deputies and Senate),
    • Russia (State Duma and Council of the Federation),
    • San Marino (Consiglio Grande e Generale),
    • Serbia (National Assembly),
    • Slovakia (National Council),
    • Slovenia (Dravni zbor and Dravni svet),
    • Spain (Congreso de los Diputados and Senado),
    • Sweden (Riksdag),
    • Switzerland (Conseil National and Conseil des Etats),
    • "The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" (Assembly of the Republic)
    • Turkey (Grand National Assembly),
    • Ukraine (Supreme Rada),
    • United Kingdom (House of Commons and House of Lords).

The Centre's services may also be used by countries having observer status in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe:
  • Israel (Knesset),
  • Canada (House of Commons and Senate)
  • Mexico (Senado and Camara de Dipudados)