The European Centre for Parliamentary Research and Documentation (ECPRD)

....less a centre but a network of people whose voluntary commitment contributes essentially to its well-functioning.

Since it was first established at the request of the Speakers of European Parliamentary Assemblies in June 1977, the European Centre for Parliamentary Research and Documentation (ECPRD), a community of parliamentary knowledge, has become a useful tool for inter-parliamentary cooperation and information exchange.

The ECPRDs members are Parliaments where the President is a member of the European Conference of Presidents of Parliament.

The main activities of the ECPRD involve dealing with requests from one parliament to others in the network for information which is used to compare the legislative activities and parliamentary practice across different countries and in different institutions. There are also seminars hosted by one of the ECPRD member Parliaments which enable participants from member Parliaments to exchange different experiences and practice.


Four functions make up the ECPRDs governing structure:

  • Two Co-Directors, each of whom assisted by a co-secretary
  • The Conference of Correspondents
  • The Executive Committee
  • Coordinators for the four Areas of Interest

The Co-Directors, appointed by the Secretary-General of the European Parliament and of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, are responsible for organising the Centres activities.

The Secretary-General of each member parliament appoints a senior official ECPRD Correspondent to be a representative at the annual Conference of Correspondents. Acting as a link between the Centre and their own parliament, these officials take part in determining the Centres programme.

The Executive Committee is made up of the two directors who are joined by five Correspondents elected from and by the Conference. The task of the Executive Commitee is to lay the ground work for the annual Conference of Correspondents and to keep up the impetus of the Centre.

The Coordinators appointed by the Executive Committee take care respectively of one of the four Areas of Interest:

  • Economic and Budgetary Affairs
  • Information and Communication Technologies in Parliaments
  • Libraries, Research Services and Archives
  • Parliamentary Practice and Procedure

The private section of the ECPRD website is only accessible to staff in Member Parliaments.